How To Build A Rabbit Hutch?

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People keep various types of animals for pets. They do so for pleasure, companionship or just to acquire a feeling of responsibility and to care for something. Some pets serve other purposes such as protecting homes and property and eliminating pests. Cats, dogs, fish and birds are the most popular pets almost any animal can be a pet as long as it is not an endangered species.

One animal that can make an ideal pet is the rabbit. They can be kept in a hutch both indoors and outdoors or left to stray. However, it is suggested to keep them inside where they are safe from predators and severe temperatures. If you are a pet lover and want to own a rabbit you will need an ideal cage to keep it. You can either buy one or construct one on your own. Follow the guidelines below to make your own hutch that can accommodate up to three rabbits with ease.

How To Build A Rabbit Hutch

Necessary Materials:

24” x 96” Chicken wire

2 door hinges

Hook and eye latch

2 sheets ply board 24” x 72” x 3/4 “

8 pieces of 2” x 4” wood that are 8-foot in length

2 1” x 2” boards that are 6-foot in length


Required Tools:

Wire cutter




Measuring tape



1.Use the handsaw to cut 4 pieces of 2” x 4” wood to 48” long. Cut 8 pieces 24” long.

2.Use the hammer to nail a 48” piece to 24” piece in the shape of an ‘L’. The boards must be joined so that 4” are left on both the right and left sides of the 24” piece.

3.Nail the end of the 48” piece to the 24” piece.

4.Attach another piece of 48” wood to the opposite side of the 24” wood to make a ‘U’.

5.Nail another piece of 24” wood to the last 2” of the 48” wood to form a rectangular frame.

6.Place the frame on the work area with one 48” board facing you while the 24” boards facing away from you.

7.Nail a 24” board to each corner of the frame. The board should face toward the ceiling. Nail the board so that the 4” widths face you from each corner.

8.Nail a 48” board between the 24” board that face you so that the upright rectangle that is in front you will be the same as the one on the workbench.

9.Do the same thing to the opposite side.

10.Nail a piece of 24” board on the top of the 24” inch boards that are placed upright.

11.Turn over the structure and do the same repeat.

12.Using handsaw cut two 2-foot square pieces of the plywood.

13.Nail them to the square ends of the cage. Nails must be close to ensure it is secure.

14.Saw a rectangular piece of plywood and nail to cover the back. Cover all sides with ply board.

15.Use wire cutter and cut a piece of the chicken wire and nail it to half the front of the cage.

16.Cut a piece of ply board to the other half and screw the hinges to it and to the cage to create a door.

17.Screw the hook and eye latch to the door.

18.Turn the cage over and nail 48” 2” x 4”s to make the legs.


Paint the hutch if you want a more attractive look.

Make sure that the legs are equal in length.

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