Giving Your Pup A Bath In Cold Weather

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Winter is finally here and for most people that means the snow is coming. In order to keep dry and away from jack frost many people will keep indoors for much of the winter. They will also make sure that their pets are kept warm and will therefore find a cozy place for them to spend their time indoors. But every now and then they want to play outside and this means that they will be getting dirty quite often.

Many dog owners are afraid to bathe their dogs in the winter because it is so cold. It is possible though when you have the right supplies and know exactly what to do to keep them from getting sick. Because it is cold outside you want to make sure that you turn up the heat in your home before you start the bath. The bathroom is where the deed will be done so make sure that it is extra toasty. If you need help place a heater in there.

Before placing your pup in the tub brush its hair and remove any mats and excess hair. Also lay down several old towels on the floor. These towels will help to dry your pup’s feet quickly and will catch any water that drips when you are drying them.

Fill your bathtub with a few inches of warm water. Make sure that it is not too hot. You don’t want to burn them. Once you have wet him thoroughly lather him up with shampoo. Make sure that you scrub every inch of him to make sure that you have cleaned off all the mud and extra body oils from its coat.

Rinse your pup well and make sure you have removed all the soap. Once you have done that you can take him from the bathtub and place him on the towels that you have on the floor. Rub quickly with a towel and get rid as much of the water as you can.

Take your hair dryer out and turn it on the lowest heat setting. Blow dry your dog after you have thoroughly towel dried him. Your pup might be scared of the dryer at first so soothe him and make sure that he knows it won’t hurt him.